E.M.PRESS is proud to work with some of the U.K.’s best artists and writers. The following are just some of the illustrious illustrators and astonishing authors whose skill and finesse grace our publications. Their talents elevate our pages from mere sequential art to sequential masterpieces.

Gary Erskine

Gary Erskine has worked in the comic industry for near thirty years. HIs work has graced books published by MARVEL, DC Comics, Vertigo, Dark Horse Comics, IMAGE, IDW and more. He has also contributed to licenses including Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Transformers and Terminator.

See Gary’s dedicated profile to read more about this gifted artist and E.M.PRESS co-founder.

Dave Kendall

Since debuting in the renowned Toxic! magazine, Dave Kendall’s brand of dark—and sometimes disturbing—work has graced Magic the Gathering cards, World of Warcraft and 200AD’s Deadworld.

Read more about Dave on his dedicated page.

Paul Gerrard

You may not know Paul Gerrard’s name, but chances are you’ve seen his work. A concept artist, his creations have appeared in the like of Battle Los Angeles , TMNT, Hellboy , The Shannara Chronicles, Hellraiser Origins, Dungeons and Dragons, Indiana Jones and many more movies and TV shows.

Read more about Paul on his dedicated page.

Mike Clarke

A multiple award-winning film director and writer, Mike has honed his skills creating short films such as Hand to Play, Paper & Plastic, Love’s Innocence Lost, Demoniacal Encounter, and Again!

Read more about Mike on his dedicated page.

Paul L. Mathews

A writer with credits in the tabletop gaming and comicbook industries, Paul is now one of E.M.PRESS’ co-founders. He lives in West Yorkshire with his wife and an assortment of other animals.

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