Dave Kendall’s first professional work appeared in the anthology comic Toxic!. Having been noticed by industry legend Kev O’Neill (Nemesis the Warlock, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Marshall Law), Dave then enjoyed a rare opportunity to work with the godfather of British comics, Pat Mills (Slaine, Charley’s War, ABC Warriors et al), on the story Psycho Killer.

Dave has since worked on Malibu Comics’ adaptation of Brian Lumley’s Necroscope and even a comic for rock gods Metallica. His work has also graced not only cards for the popular Magic the Gathering and World of Warcraft, but also the creator-owned Houses of the Holy graphic novel, on which he collaborated with best-selling author Mike Carey (Lucifer, Hellblazer, X-Men).

More recently Dave has come full-circled by illustrating—and co-creating—Deadworld for 2000 AD.




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