A multiple award-winning film director and writer, Mike has honed his skills creating short films such as Hand to Play (featuring Hellraiser’s Doug Bradley), Paper & Plastic, Love’s Innocence Lost, Demoniacal Encounter, and Again!

More recently Mike has focused his attention on feature films. Co-directed with Paul Gerrard, Mike’s horror movie Karli is due for release late 2021. Mike has also been developing a drama movie entitled A Light Through Coloured Glass, the family fantasy film The Jade Flower and another horror movie entitled 5 Hells for a Thief.

Known for his professionalism, imagination, and determination, Mike is bringing his A-game to the Rivals franchise and is building upon the foundations that he and Paul Gerrard have already laid.

“People are crying out for epic stories set in fantastical new worlds. With RIVALS, I intend to not only quench their thirst but to give them more than they could ever have expected. Rivals has a huge mythology and I want to take people on a journey they couldn’t possibly forget.”


Half Sun Entertainment

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