E.M.PRESS Announces First Two Titles

August 18th, 2021

New indie comics publisher E.M.PRESS has launched its website and announced its first two titles.

Based in the U.K. and co-founded by industry veteran Gary Erskine, E.M.PRESS is developing a variety of titles in equally varied genres. Its first releases will include a steampunk mini-series entitled First Men on Mars, and RIVALS, a horror title based on a forthcoming TV show.

The steampunk title First Men on Mars is written by E.M.PRESS co-founder Paul L. Mathews. Set in 1890, it tells the story of a disastrous mission to Mars. Determined to find out why the expedition failed, the government orders Lady Lilian Wells-Cavendish to uncover the truth.

RIVALS, meanwhile, sees a warrior search an apocalyptic wasteland for a successor to his dying ruler.

Stay abreast of the latest from E.M.PRESS via its website, Facebook, and Twitter.

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