Due for release in 2021, these tempting titles combine astonishing artwork with stellar storytelling:

Inspired by the likes of Jules Verne and H. G. Wells, First Men on Mars is a steampunk tale of imperial misadventure. Set in 1890, it details a doomed colonial mission to Mars. When the expedition fails, Lady Lilian Wells-Cavendish is ordered to ascertain what really happened on the red planet…

RIVALS details a warrior’s search for a successor to his dying ruler. This mission propels him not only into the apocalyptic wastelands of the planet of Dākuhīrō, but also into the realms of pure horror.

Created by the visionary duo of Paul Gerrard and Mike Clarke, RIVALS is one part Conan, one part Mad Max and ten parts frenetic action. It is as gloriously inventive as it is explosively violent.

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